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Security Hall

I used to absolutely hate this stage. I very clearly remember initially making quick progress on the Dark Story, only to reach this stage and, despite my best efforts back then, continually fail to complete it. I was definitely the worst at the Knuckles and Rouge treasure hunt stages; they were always a struggle for me, and most times, upon first play, I took an unreasonably long amount of time to complete them, nearly always receiving an E-Rank at the end. When I had to complete another such stage, then, but this time under a time limit of a mere five minutes, and the whole time with Eggman yelling at me to hurry up, for a while I considered it an impossible task. I got stuck on it, which caused me to abandon trying to make further progress on the Dark Story—quite frustrating, as I actually knew from my guide book for the game that the very next stage was White Jungle, in which I would control Shadow the Hedgehog, who in those days I thought was very badass.

Though I would return to playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle a few times throughout the mid-2000s, and each time I would attempt at least once to complete Security Hall, it would not be until (I believe) sometime in 2007 or 2008 that I finally succeeded. I can still vaguely remember that play of the stage: when I found the first Chaos Emerald a little while after beginning the stage, I thought that perhaps I was onto something, but I did not keep my hopes up too high; when I found the second one soon thereafter, and still with plenty of time on the clock, I became very excited, thought that maybe I could finally finish this damn stage, and focused very much to find the third one; and when at last I found the third one, I was overjoyed, as I had finally passed this stage which had been an obstacle in my path for so many years. (I remember that I even had a full minute or two left on the clock; I had simply gotten lucky, but I did not complain.)

I no longer disliked Security Hall after that—hell, afterwards I even re-played the first mission of the stage a few times for fun. One time during probably the late 2000s, I was so incredibly lucky that I managed to complete the first mission in under 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and, as a result, even received an A-Rank on it!

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