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Robbie Shapiro's Finest Moment

That would be his Broken Glass song, which he first sings in The Diddly-Bops episode of season 1 (the scene begins around the 4:50 mark and ends at the 7:28 mark). (I link to the Dailymotion video of the full episode rather than the more easily found YouTube clip of the scene because the YouTube clip doesn't include the end of the scene, which is the best part. Also note that the Dailymotion video is slowed down slightly, in order to avoid the copyright police.)

A little background: the main people are all at Tori's house to write a children's song for their upcoming performance. Robbie continually interrupts the others to push his musical masterpiece, Broken Glass, which finally culminates with a fantastic harmonica solo played, of course, simultaneously with his guitar accompaniment.

I usually don't laugh much when I watch Victorious, but this scene managed to be one of the few exceptions when I first saw it years ago; even today, when I re-watch it, it still brings a smile to my face. After watching it, Robbie became a hundred times cooler in my eyes. I only recently discovered that Matt Bennett actually recorded a full version of this song, which, I have to admit, is quite catchy.

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