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Spencer Dancing in a Dress

The scene I am referring to, of course, is the final one of the season 1 episode iDream of Dance (the scene begins at the 21:48 mark). That particular episode aired as part of a dance-themed premiere event on Nickelodeon on 16 September 2007, which I can still remember; the other episodes that also premiered that day were the Drake & Josh season 4 episode Dance Contest, the Zoey 101 season 3 episode that's also named Dance Contest, and, apparently, an episode each from the shows Unfabulous (which I only watched irregularly and don't particularly care about) and Just Jordan (which I never watched even once).

Although I don't really find season 1 of iCarly very funny when compared to the later seasons, this classic scene is a highlight of season 1 and makes me laugh every time, because, of course, we all know that grown men running around wearing women's dresses is always funny.

In case you didn't know (or perhaps forgot), Spencer's dance is a comedic version of Carly's dance earlier on in the episode, which starts at the 19:40 mark (the full scene begins at the 18:11 mark) and ends at the 21:01 mark of the same video I linked to above. By itself, his dance is already quite funny, but when it's presented immediately after Carly's dance, the effect is, I think, hilarious; I especially like his vocal outbursts when he walks in-between the eight guys at the 22:48 mark, as well as the fact that the last fellow is somehow not struck by Spencer's beauty and refuses to fall, so Spencer has to push him down himself.

The dance concludes during the end credits of the episode, and I have memories of actually seeing that end credit sequence (with the dance in the background) being aired on TV back in 2007, when Nickelodeon still cared to air some of the end credits properly rather than always airing split-screen credits or—even worse—stuffing only the text of the end credits over the last 30 seconds or so of the episode, something they have been doing since around mid-2012.

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