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Leon Thomas III Singing for iCarly

I hope you will be able to recall that Leon Thomas III—who played Andre Harris on Victorious, of course—once appeared in the season 1 episode iCarly Saves TV, and performed a very pleasant-sounding song at the end of that episode. The Dailymotion link I provided seems to be a capture of the premiere of the episode from back in June 2008; the video is zoomed in slightly and flipped on its y-axis in order to avoid the copyright detectors, but otherwise it seems to be unedited. Leon's song begins at the 25:20 mark of the video.

The song is named Dream, and is about two minutes in length; the video that I linked to shows the entire performance. Unfortunately, for many years now Nickelodeon has cut Leon's performance down to about a minute when they air this episode on TV (they have also cut out some less important scenes and the end credit sequence) so they can, of course, air more commercials. Apparently, the full episode is over 28 minutes long, and Nickelodeon must have shown it uncut at least once (for its premiere), but if you happen to watch this particular episode on live TV today, the shortened version is what you'll end up seeing. (On YouTube there is a video of Leon's shortened, 1-minute performance, but it is quite a low-quality recording, and I would not really bother watching it.)

I enjoyed his performance the first time I saw this episode on TV, and over the years my appreciation of it has only grown. Leon Thomas III has a very smooth and soothing singing voice, and he is my favorite singer out of all the main cast of Victorious. You can also very easily find the song itself on YouTube.

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