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George Lopez

I believe I first began watching this show towards the end of 2007, as I can remember that, soon after I started watching it regularly, I decided to read the show's Wikipedia article, from which I learned that it had ended its original run in May 2007, which at that point (I can remember thinking) was only some months ago earlier on in the year. I am aware that its original network was ABC, but I have never watched that network; instead, I have it categorized here on this site under Nickelodeon because I have only ever watched this series on that channel, specifically during its Nick at Nite block.

I am quite sure that George Lopez has the distinction of being the first live-action sitcom not specifically targeted towards children/teenagers that I regularly watched. I undoubtedly discovered it because it happened to air during the late evening on Nickelodeon (which I had been watching almost daily for as long I could remember); I then began watching it because of its comedy: having at the time overwhelmingly watched only children's/teen programming, I found George Lopez incredibly funny, even though back then I was still a little bit too young to understand all the jokes. The most laughs come, I think, from George Lopez's acting, whose humorous catchphrases, comical delivery of lines, excellent impressions (I particularly enjoy his impressions of Vic and of a stereotypical teenage girl), and general comedic timing give the show its edge.

I recall that when I first got hooked on the show, the opening sequence I saw included both Emiliano Díez and Masiela Lusha, which meant that I was watching the season 4 and 5 episodes. However, due to its rather late timeslot (for me at the time, at least), I could never watch episodes with the same level of consistency as nearly every other television series I watched: over the course of the late 2000s I remember that I watched it somewhat irregularly, maybe viewing episodes daily in stretches that would last perhaps a few weeks, and then not seeing it at all for months, and then, due to me being on summer break from school (for example) and thus being able to stay up late, running across the show again in the late evening or night and getting back into watching it for some length of time, and so on.

Somewhat interestingly, I don't have any definite memories of watching the show during the 2010s, despite the fact that it ran on Nick at Nite for virtually the entire span of that decade. I largely forgot about the show during that time, and today I remember it as a series which I would watch every once in a while in the late evenings of the late 2000s.

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