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General Thoughts on Drake & Josh

This series, truly, is my favorite Nickelodeon live action show, Dan Schneider's greatest work, and a masterpiece of the children's/teen sitcom genre. It is very funny, and has produced many memorable quotes; no wonder people still talk about this show, even today.

I don't know when I first started watching this show regularly. I had watched The Amanda Show regularly during the early 2000s and definitely knew who Drake Bell and Josh Peck were from that, and I also knew about Drake & Josh when it first started airing in January 2004, but, unfortunately, I actually ignored it for most of its original run and only started watching it regularly when it was maybe halfway into its final season, around early/mid-2007. I can remember watching the premiere of Really Big Shrimp on 3 August 2007, so I had been watching the show for a while before then. I actually started to appreciate this show after it had ended its original run.

Nickelodeon frequently aired reruns of the show during the late 2000s, although I can recall a short break (lasting maybe a few months) in airings before the premiere of Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh in December 2008, after which the reruns continued, and lasted throughout 2009. I don't remember main Nickelodeon airing reruns past 2009, although when I first discovered TeenNick in the summer of 2013, Drake & Josh reruns were being shown pretty much every day on there. Unfortunately, since then TeenNick has been steadily reducing the frequency of airings for Drake & Josh, but it's comforting to see that, even today, in 2021, you can still watch this show on live TV: as of March 2021, TeenNick airs it once a week, for a few hours (a handful of episodes back-to-back) on Saturday evenings.

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