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Drake Bell

Growing up, Drake Bell was always the epitome of cool for me. I knew who he was from his work on The Amanda Show, but it was really when I started watching Drake & Josh that my perception of him (which I still hold, even today) really solidified: a guitar-playing rock star who makes very good music, and is very handsome, always fashionably dressed, a perpetual chick magnet, an easygoing, funny dude and a true bro, and who has a cool haircut—for me, the mod cut he had during the third and fourth seasons of Drake & Josh will forever be the cool guy's haircut. Why? Pretty much because Drake happened to style his hair that way in the second half of the 2000s.

Of course, I might have him confused with his Drake & Josh character; who knows if Drake Bell is actually the same in real life? (The fact that they used his first name for his character doesn't help in distinguishing between the two, either.) But I am very confident that Drake Bell, in addition to being just as cool as Drake Parker, is also nicer and less selfish. He also makes great music, and I think it is a shame that he isn't as popular a musician as he should be. I will always be a fan of his.

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