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Web sites of interest that I have discovered over the years.

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Laissez-nous faire, laissez-nous passer. Le monde va de lui-même. (Let us do, leave us alone. The world runs by itself.) —Jacques Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay



For those who are unaware, this site is hosted on Neocities, a freemium Web host which also provides some basic social networking features, such as the ability to follow other users' sites. Rather than listing them here, you should instead take a look at the page listing the specific sites on Neocities I follow, which automatically updates whenever I follow a new site (or unfollow an existing one).

Web Design Wall of Shame

These are Web sites I have encountered that have such a terrible design (regardless of the content of the pages themselves) that I feel I must point them out as examples of what to avoid when making a site.

If you are short on time and don't wish to view every single site listed below, then just take a look instead at Every Fucking Bootstrap Website Ever and Every Fucking Website, and you will get a good idea of their design.

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