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My First Crew

The first crew I ever joined was Lunar Eclipse (see also the crew's article on the wiki), which belonged to the flag Blue's Royals (see also the wiki article), and whose respective captain and king was Bluefinn (see also his wiki article). I probably joined Lunar Eclipse (and hence Blue's Royals) sometime in late March or early April 2006, and I was definitely a member by 11 April 2006.

In my earliest days on Puzzle Pirates, I had been wary of joining a crew too soon, and was waiting to discover one which I found to be sufficiently large, well-established, competent, and friendly. After jobbing for a pillage run by Lunar Eclipse (I cannot remember for sure if Bluefinn himself was present during it), I felt impressed enough by the whole experience that I accepted the crew invitation and joined a crew for the first time; as I was already a subscriber, I was then immediately promoted from cabin person to pirate, per the crew's promotion policy. About two months later, I recall undergoing officer training under my fellow crewmate Redstarrebel (who I think was a fleet officer when I first joined the crew, and was later promoted to senior officer) and soon afterwards being promoted to officer.

I also remember that, soon after becoming an officer, I actually grew bored of Puzzle Pirates and took my first break from the game around late June or July 2006. When later I returned to playing the game during late 2007, I discovered that, sadly, both the crew and flag (and even Bluefinn) had by then largely gone dormant, and so with much reluctance I finally left Lunar Eclipse at that point. As far as I know, since then the crew has never returned to the size that it was and the level of activity that it had in 2006.

Still, though, Lunar Eclipse, Blue's Royals, and Bluefinn all hold a special place in my heart. Bluefinn in particular I remember as being an active captain, who often ran pillages himself; he was very skilled at battle navigation against brigands/barbarians, and it wasn't uncommon for him to damage them fully while taking absolutely no damage himself, and then wasting no time moving in to grapple, thus giving us a quick and easy victory in the swordfight/rumble. He was an easygoing and pleasant fellow, and despite the great size of the crew—it was well over 100 members by the time I joined—he still managed to be accessible to all of us: I can recall a handful of times in which I had direct, one-on-one conversations with him, and he even took notice of my skill in the alchemistry puzzle and, to my great delight, gave me the crew title of alchemist.

Pillages run by Lunar Eclipse were always fun and successful, and I miss them, Bluefinn, the crew itself, and the flag very much. Although I've joined a few more crews and flags since leaving Lunar Eclipse and Blue's Royals, all of which have since disbanded or gone dormant, I would most definitely, if given the power and the choice, bring back Lunar Eclipse and Blue's Royals rather than any of the others.

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