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Encountering the Black Ship

I can still recall the first time I ever encountered the black ship. It must have been sometime between April to June 2006, during a pillage run by Lunar Eclipse, which was my crew at the time.

Although I cannot remember exactly, I believe that Bluefinn, the captain of Lunar Eclipse, was running a pillage when, for some reason, he thought it would be fun to attempt to summon and then battle the black ship. Soon Bluefinn and the other higher-ranking officers on board began talking about a black ship, and I can remember being confused about the topic of their discussion, as up till then I did not know about the existence of such a vessel. When Bluefinn began issuing unusual commands to our ship (most likely a war brig, or maybe a war frigate), such as ordering it to turn about more frequently than normal and attacking blue-ringed brigands/barbarians—which, even back then, with my very limited knowledge of the game, still managed to strike me as odd—I knew that something was off. We might have even engaged one or two blue-ringed ship(s) and entered the sea battle, only for Bluefinn to order us to disengage, which was quite unusual.

Eventually, though, when we attacked a blue-ringed brigand/barbarian, I received a message in my chat box that mentioned a black ship; when I looked at the ongoing sea battle at the top-right of the game window, I saw that, instead of whatever enemy ship we had attacked, we were fighting a massive, semi-transparent grand frigate with tattered sails. After a few turns I realized that it could pass through obstacles, and it quickly managed to damage our ship fully; when we fired back, all of our cannonballs merely passed through it and did no damage. I knew then that we had been completely defeated in the sea battle, and when we were grappled, I honestly did not know at all what to expect in the coming swordfight.

I was very shocked, and even a bit scared, when the group swordfight began and I saw that, rather than the usual computer-controlled human pirates, we were instead fighting 100 skellies. We were greatly outnumbered, and as our ship had been damaged fully whereas the black ship had taken no damage, we lost the fight incredibly quickly.

Despite the loss, and despite losing whatever was in the booty chest and hold of our ship, Bluefinn and the other officers didn't seem too unhappy—in fact, I remember with some fogginess that they were actually joking about it, and felt quite pleased that they had completed their objective of fighting the black ship. For me, the whole experience was very interesting, as I learned of yet another aspect of the game of which I was previously unaware; immediately I considered the black ship as sinisterly badass, and when later on I discovered YPPedia, the article concerning the black ship was one which I read repeatedly, and with much fascination and enthusiasm.

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