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Warfare 1917

I first played Warfare 1917 soon after it was released in September 2008. I cannot remember anymore the specific Web site on which I first played it, but it was most likely either AddictingGames, Miniclip, Kongregate, or the Armor Games Web site.

The game itself is a real-time strategy game set in World War I. Although the gameplay is pretty fun, what struck me the most when I first played it back in 2008 was how polished and refined it looked, responded, and felt in general. By that point I had played countless Flash games from various Web sites over a length of roughly 5 years, and I had encountered both very good and very bad games, as well as everything in-between; back then, Flash games, no doubt due in part to the limitations of the platform, were by and large on the simple, short, and casual side, and they had a characteristic look (due to the platform's use of vector graphics) and a distinctive responsiveness which, I think, anybody who has played a good number of them will notice.

Warfare 1917, however, was quite different: although it is a free Flash game distributed over the Internet, to me it did not feel or seem like one, but rather more like the type of game that would be sold on a CD in the store, and which you would have to install locally on your computer in order to play. I was most impressed by its overall professional-looking presentation, as well as its relatively complex (when compared to most other Flash games back in those days, at least) gameplay mechanics. Truly, this game must have pushed the limits of Adobe Flash as they existed in 2008, and I can recall that, when I first played it, I was quite amazed that it was possible to produce something this high-quality using Flash; my respect for and appreciation of Flash consequently increased even more that day. (The game is even notable enough that it has its own Wikipedia article.)

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