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Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle is a physics Flash game in which the objective is to kill the inhabitants of castles by flinging stones and bombs at them, with the stones, bombs, and pieces of the castle all obeying simulated laws of physics. The game was released in April 2009, and I recall that I first played it soon afterwards, though I can no longer remember the specific Web site on which I first played the game (it was most likely either AddictingGames, Miniclip, Kongregate, or the Armor Games Web site). The game also permits players to construct their own castles, attempt to destroy their designs, and also share them with other players, thereby giving the game a bit of replayability after the main levels are completed, which is not particularly difficult to do.

I found Crush the Castle to be a pretty well-made game with solid in-game physics, though, like many other Flash games, it is short and simple, without much replay value, even when the ability to design and share custom castles is considered. I would have far less to say about it if it weren't for the immense—and, I think, ill-deserved—popularity of that Angry Birds thing.

I say with pride that I have never played a single Angry Birds game; it is nothing more than another worthless smartphone/mobile franchise. When Angry Birds first rose to popularity in the early 2010s, at first I simply dismissed it as another insignificant mobile game among countless others. A little while later, however, when I learned that its gameplay is very similar to that of Crush the Castle—a fact which even the Wikipedia article for Crush the Castle remarks upon—I felt on the one hand a bit smug because, by playing Crush the Castle in 2009, I had in essence played Angry Birds before everybody else; on the other hand, I also felt disappointed, and even a bit frustrated, that a mere imitator (that is, Angry Birds) was becoming very popular and receiving more attention than the original (that is, Crush the Castle).

It is a great injustice, in my opinion, that Angry Birds should have expanded into an enormous global brand, with its own films, animated series, books, theme parks, and multiple video game titles, whereas Crush the Castle has largely faded into obscurity, receiving only a single sequel, Crush the Castle 2. Adobe Flash shall always remain the platform for free casual games distributed online—to hell with mobile gaming!

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