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General Thoughts on YouTube Poop

Yes, I do enjoy YouTube Poop (YTP); I love their often bizarre humor. I cannot remember exactly when I started watching them, but it was sometime in late 2007. Garbagehead3's classic poop Youtube Poop: Poop Explosion! was one of the first poops that I ever saw, and for a while back then, it heavily influenced my view of what YTP was.

I have been a fan of YouTube Poops for a long time now, and have even made a few of my own poops over the years, but I was never involved in the YTP community, nor have I ever followed the YTP scene intensively. I generally only watch them when I am bored, or if I happen to stumble upon one while doing something else. However, I have watched them enough to still remember the general changes over the years: the shift in sources from only the CD-i cutscenes, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog to other TV shows (SpongeBob SquarePants and iCarly were quite popular early on), and then to, really, any source; or the move away from the widespread use of the Windows XP version of Windows Movie Maker to Sony Vegas and other, more powerful video-editing programs.

Like many other things on this (nostalgia) site, I will champion 2000s YTP over most 2010s YTP. I watched YTPs—including ones that were new at the time—most frequently during the late 2000s, and a bit into the early 2010s, but after about 2012 or 2013 I largely stopped paying attention to new YTPs, instead preferring to re-watch classic poops or explore old ones that I hadn't seen already.

Below are some of my favorite poops and poopers that I have discovered over the years.


Poopers, in order

  1. universalquantifier
  2. Kortez3000/SantaWithTeeth/SantaWithGuns
  3. Garbagehead3
  4. Taisto
  5. HotelWeegee

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