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Everybody has that one obscure musician, band, actor, writer, etc. that they know and love, and wish that other people would appreciate that person as much as they do, while also feeling a bit superior to others because, it seems, obscurity is directly proportional to coolness and hipness. I am sure that this holds true with poopers in the YouTube Poop community, and for me, that pooper is universalquantifier. He is my favorite pooper, without a doubt.

I am pretty sure the first poop of his that I saw was CORY'S ULTIMATE SEXY PENIS SUSPENDER STRIPTEASE GRILL, which I found to be very funny; I probably subscribed to him immediately afterwards, which I think was during September 2008. Most of his poops were made in 2008 and 2009, with his uploads declining in number during 2010 and becoming very infrequent after that year. It is a real shame that he doesn't make poops anymore.

His poops are definitely not for the newcomer to the genre: they are very strange, with a great deal of visual and audio distortion. He was (I believe) the first person to poop Cory in the House with the poop HOUSE IN THE CORY; that poop, along with his three other Cory in the House poops, are some of my favorites, as they are among the funniest ones I have ever seen. Many of his poops use the Philips CD-i cutscenes, with the rest using either Cory in the House or other, more obscure sources. His most-viewed video, YTPMV - Robotnik demands an explanation (which is no longer available on his channel), had collected over 250,000 views by October 2018, but none of his other videos have yet reached 100,000 views, and most have not even gotten 10,000 views—a great injustice in my opinion, as his poops make me laugh harder than anybody else's. (Perhaps his poops are just too strange for most.)

Some of my favorite poops from universalquantifier are listed below.

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