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I owe Garbagehead3 for introducing me to YouTube Poop (YTP)—or, at least, for getting me hooked on them. I cannot remember the first poop that I ever watched, and I don't think it was one of Garbagehead3's, but his classic poop Youtube Poop: Poop Explosion! was still one of the first ones I ever saw, and definitely the one that made the strongest impression upon me back then of what YTP was.

His poops overwhelmingly use the classic Philips CD-i cutscenes as source material, and most of the humor comes from sentence mixing, though there are other types of jokes, too. There are also musical interludes in all of his poops, featuring genuinely good music; he avoids the extremely overdone joke of putting that annoying fast-tempo club-type music accompanied with flashing lights over a clip of one of the characters dancing. He also uses intros and end credits in his poops, something which I have not seen in a long time.

If you are big fan of the style of current-day poops—or, really, anything but the original style of YouTube Poop—then you might find his videos anywhere from dated to ancient. He has made 6 poops in total (a relatively small number, compared to most other poopers), the first 5 of which were all uploaded to YouTube between May 2007 and August 2007, with the sixth one uploaded in June 2010. Technologically, his poops are very characteristic of their time: all were edited with the good old Windows XP version of Windows Movie Maker, which saw widespread use back in the day, both in the YTP community as well as YouTube in general; image editing for his poops, meanwhile, was done in the venerable Microsoft Paint. His poops, in my opinion, represent the best that can be made using only Windows Movie Maker as video-editing software.

When his sixth and final poop, Youtube Poop: Poop Revolution!, was uploaded in June 2010, it was, at least in terms of view count, a failure: as of March 2020, it has less than 2,500 views, compared to the several tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of views that his earlier poops have. I remember back then that the general consensus in the comments for that video was that, while everybody thought it was a good poop, nobody makes poops like that anymore. Despite the nostalgia I have for him, even I think his poop style is old, and I have thought this as early as 2008 or 2009. While I still find his poops quite funny, I definitely don't think they are absolutely hilarious anymore, unlike back in 2007 or 2008. That's completely fine, however, because while they might not be extremely funny to me anymore, they are still entertaining, due to the skilled sentence mixing, musical interludes, cleverness, and general goofiness they have. Watching his poops still brings a smile to my face after all these years.

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