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Chad Warden

Come on now, Wii? Come on, that little controller? That looks like a dildo, aight? I ain't tryin' to play my games with no DIL-DO! —Chad Warden

Everybody knows that girls can't do shit other than suck DICK! —C Wizzy

We ain't doin' geometry, we tryin' to play some GAMES! —Chad Daddy, on the Xbox 360

Super Smash Brothas, nigga? Fuck that shit, aight? There ain't one brotha in there, aight? Ain't one brotha! —Big Papi, on diversity

He was, without a doubt, the most ballin' troll in YouTube history.

Although I did a lot of trolling on YouTube during the late 2000s, I will admit that even I fell for his trolling in my younger days: I discovered his videos sometime in mid/late 2007, and initially believed him to be serious. I was something of a Wii and Nintendo fanboy back then, and I recall that the first time I watched his first video, I did, in fact, get pretty angry at him about a minute or two into it, as I thought he was just another PlayStation 3 fanboy insulting the Wii. By the end of that video, however, I was not mad at him anymore, partly because he had also trash-talked the Xbox 360, and partly because I found his arguments and general demeanor very amusing. (For a time, I considered him the only good PlayStation 3 fanboy.) Regardless, I still believed him to be serious in all of his videos, and I wouldn't realize that he was joking (and portraying a ridiculous character) until several months later.

While I never uploaded any sort of video response to him, there were many, many folks on YouTube at the time who also thought he was being serious, and who were so furious that they made text comments and even video responses containing all sorts of insults, threats, and verbal abuse directed towards him. Once I realized that he was trolling, the entire situation became incredibly entertaining, and I would find myself laughing at his haters' videos as much as his own videos. By the number of people he made angry, Chad Warden might be the most successful (and hilarious) troll in the history of the site—even more successful, perhaps, than the great ultraforge.

Sadly, he closed his original chadwardenn account by the middle of 2008, but his first, second, and third videos have been reuploaded so that future generations can witness his ballin' crusade for the PS Triple.

See also the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on Chad Warden.

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