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Watching Caramelldansen on YouTube

I first came across the old Caramelldansen meme back when I still maintained an account on YouTube; it was most likely early/mid-2009 when I was first introduced to it, but here my memory, unfortunately, is very hazy, and it's possible that I may have discovered it as early as 2008. Apparently, this meme did not originate on YouTube, but had instead for some time circulated online as a Flash loop prior to being uploaded to that site; I only categorize here on this site under YouTube because it was there that I first encountered it. I cannot remember anymore if I first watched the original version and thereafter proceeded to watch the great number of variations and remixes that had also been uploaded to YouTube, or if I first stumbled upon a specific derivative of the original, found it interesting, and then began watching other versions that were presented to me in the list of related videos, by which process I was eventually led to an upload of the original.

I can remember that, back then, I did not consider Caramelldansen to be anything particularly special. I never disliked it, but I did feel some slight annoyance towards the meme: back in those days it seemed to be everywhere on YouTube, with nearly every variation using the exact same audio and dance, the only difference between them being the character(s) depicted. I therefore found the various remixes and derivatives of the meme to be rather uncreative, and wondered why it was so popular. On a few occasions in the late 2000s, I recall that, upon once again hearing the distinctive first few seconds of the song in a video I was viewing, I would quickly mute the audio, or even stop watching the video entirely, as by then I had already encountered the meme many times, and it had grown stale.

Today, however, my attitude has completely changed: I now look back upon the meme as an indispensable part of my late-2000s YouTube memories and experiences, and truly miss when that site was flooded with these pleasant little videos, with every day bringing still more uploads of new derivative versions. Nowadays, whenever I encounter the dance, and especially whenever I hear the song, I am immediately transported back to 2009 YouTube. (I only wish that I could manage to stay there forever.)

See also the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on this meme.

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