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Memories of the 2000s YouTube Trolling Scene

I signed up for my first YouTube account in March 2007. Around the beginning of September 2007 (I remember because it was right around the time the 2007–2008 school year started), I began using the account for an odd sort of semi-trolling (but not really true trolling), which I continued to do until around May 2008, after which I transitioned to real, dedicated trolling with my YouTube account. I did this daily until the beginning of September 2009, when I decided to take a break for the 2009–2010 school year; I then briefly returned to YouTube trolling during the summer of 2010, but at that point I found it quite boring and unfulfilling, so I closed my YouTube account that very same summer.

From March 2007 until the summer of 2010, then—with the exception, of course, of the break I took for the 2009–2010 school year—I logged on to my YouTube account pretty much daily and spent a good deal of time on the site, so I was pretty aware of the events and people back then. Though I did not only use my account for trolling (I still made friends and interacted with them normally, uploaded non-trolling videos, and watched, rated, and favorited videos like everybody else), for a long time it was my primary focus, so naturally I paid much attention to my other fellow trolls on YouTube.

What follows are my memories of other YouTube trolls who were active on the site during the 2000s. Of course, even back then YouTube was already an enormous place, so it's virtually impossible for a single person to know about every single troll on the site. I only write about those I can remember, so this list will always be hopelessly incomplete; it is also very biased towards my experience, as I list very famous trolls (e.g. ultraforge) alongside small fries, simply because I happened to be friends with those little guys back then. Where possible, I have provided links to their live YouTube channel and/or an old Internet Archive capture of their channel.

The 4chan Crowd/The Anti-Furries

These were the guys who either were involved in the YouTube Furry War back in the day, continued to troll furries in the aftermath of that war, or otherwise had a heavy 4chan background. They were the most well-known and top trolls on the site, and what I—and probably many others—aspired to be. I knew who they were, but I didn't know any of them personally.

The Legends

I have only watched videos or read about their activities; unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to have been able to witness their channels or exploits firsthand.

The RockmanKenny Trolls

These were a group of trolls who, for a time in 2008 (and probably prior to that year as well), frequently trolled a fellow by the name of RockmanKenny, as well as some of his friends. Besides Cirus206, I was friends with all of them, and later on I joined them in trolling RockmanKenny.


Other trolls I was friends with.

For a much longer list of YouTube trolls, take a look at the list made by the Anti-Troll Organization, which was last updated on 23 July 2009; however, I should warn you against taking that list too seriously, because it's likely that they also added to it anybody they didn't like or found to be slightly unpleasant, not just actual trolls. (And, yes, there really was an Anti-Troll Organization on YouTube back then; I can remember viewing their YouTube channel when it still existed. Hell, there was even an Anti-Anti-Troll Organization! YouTube truly was a more fun and entertaining place in those days.)

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