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Clippy Is a Pretty Cool Guy

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I am probably one of the few people who genuinely likes Clippy. Back when I still used Microsoft Office 2003 (mostly Word 2003), I always enjoyed having him present on my screen while I typed; if he did not appear when I opened Microsoft Office, I would deliberately go and enable him. He was a pleasant distraction from whatever I was doing, and I liked to observe him sometimes to see if he would perform some interesting action (I remember he would sleep if you didn't click on him for a while). Maybe it is because he's somewhat cute and simple, and his eyes gleam with a helpful earnestness, but for some reason, I only liked Clippy; I never used the other assistants. Even though, when he prompted me in order to try to help me with something, I very rarely ever needed that help and would just dismiss the prompt, I was fine with it; it didn't bother me, unlike (it seems) with so many other people.

When I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 around (I believe) September 2009, I was unable to make Clippy appear again, so I searched online for the method to accomplish this, and was very sad and disappointed when I learned that Microsoft had removed him from that version (as well as all future versions) of Microsoft Office. (At the time, I even tried searching for a way to install Clippy in Microsoft Office 2007, but I did not succeed in finding a way to do so.) I understand, of course, that he was very unpopular, but still: they could have at least left him in, but always turned off by default, so that those who are bothered by him can pretty much forget that he even exists. The program for Clippy is already there, so why not? I miss my little friend.

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