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Troll Physics

This is a meme comic that became briefly popular during 2010. The comics take advantage of small errors and fallacies in physics to reach absurd and ludicrous conclusions, oftentimes free/infinite energy or unlimited money. The best ones have very subtle errors in reasoning that, I think, make them far more enjoyable to read than those where you can readily spot the physics mistake. Having done a lot of trolling myself, I also enjoy the inclusion of the trollface in every comic.

Below you will find troll physics comics I hand-picked and saved from /b/ during 2010 (and one from 2012); they are my personal favorites, as I found them to be the cleverest out of all that were being posted at the time. (The titles are my own, as these comics don't have official titles.)

See also the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on this meme.

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