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Jessi Slaughter

By 2010, I was beginning to fear that 4chan had lost some of its old appetite for trolling, as it had been a little while since any major online prank or trolling campaign that I knew about had occurred. My faith in the site in that regard was restored (for the time, at least) when the trolling of Jessi Slaughter (Powerword: Jessica Leonhardt) went down in July 2010.

I most likely heard about the incident through /b/, which was being flooded with threads about Jessi at the time. Back then, I didn't have very strong opinions concerning her, either positive or negative; I thought she was just another random kid on the Internet talking tough and making empty threats. I never personally got involved in trolling her, and preferred to simply sit back and watch. I was still very glad when I found out that this had happened, and that /b/ was trolling her to the point of tears, because it meant that 4chan hadn't yet lost its edge and its old trolling spirit. It was one of the biggest events of 2010 in which 4chan was involved.

Besides again reminding everybody of 4chan's trolling ability, the event also ended up being a meme goldmine: Jessi's father (RIP in peace), in one of Jessi's videos, gave us such classic catchphrases like You dun goofed, Backtraced it, The cyberpolice, and, of course, Consequences will never be the same.

See also the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on Jessi Slaughter.

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