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In January 2009, /b/ was taken by storm over three YouTube videos uploaded by Boxxy (Powerword: Catie Wayne). The three YouTube videos—FOAR 4DD1 FRUM BOXXY, FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY, and FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY—were simply Boxxy talking to the camera in a very hyperactive manner, but apparently a lot of /b/tards found her to be cute, and started developing crushes on her.

During that time, it seemed to me like every other thread was about Boxxy, and eventually the mods of /b/ got tired of it and started deleting threads which concerned her and banning anybody who tried to discuss her; I even remember that, for a time, merely typing the word boxxy into your comment would auto-ban you from the site. There was a huge argument at the time between newfags and the oldfags: the newfags found the videos to be cute and adorable, and thought that Boxxy could perhaps soften the old attitudes of /b/, while the oldfags found the videos to be annoying, stupid, and cancerous. Personally, I did not really care that much either way, and generally I would just ignore Boxxy threads; even today—a decade later—I still have not bothered to watch even one of her videos in its entirety. (Over the years, she has uploaded more videos in the same style to her boxxybabee account.)

Her legend lives on, though, because even today, you can still find the occasional Boxxy thread on /b/, often filled with guys who still consider her the queen of the board. Even though I don't have a particularly strong opinion regarding her, I still recognize her as an important part of 4chan history.

See also the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on Boxxy.

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